Stressed and Anxious


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Stressed and Anxious

Stress - Anxiety - Divorce - Marriage

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Calming Anger By Developing Emotional Responsibility

We all get angry sometimes. It is a natural reaction to events that lead us to believe that we deserve better or someone has wronged us and we feel that they absolutely must not do that to us as it is........ Read More

Calming The Inner Voice

Stress. Depression. Anxiety. They’re powerful words that conjure up all kinds of images and prejudices in our minds. People who suffer from these illnesses find it hard to cope with life. They can ........ Read More

Keeping Calm On Ccna / Ccnp Exam Day

When you wake up on exam day, one of two things is going to happen. Well, yes, you're going to pass or fail. But what I'm thinking of comes before that, and has a lot to do with how you perform on exa........ Read More

How To Calm Yourself In Stressful Situations

Has something stressful or upsetting happened to you recently? Maybe it was a fender bender car accident, or telling a friend she did something that hurt you, or being triggered by something your spou........ Read More

Your Tip For Calming Fussy Babies Could Be A Winner

If you've found yourself soothing your baby by vacuuming in the dark, taking a car ride at 2 a.m. or singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" a cappella, then you're not alone. Parents are apt to try ........ Read More

Bringing Home Baby: Calming Newborn Nerves

Your newborn goes through a lot right after he’s born. Whether the birth was natural or assisted, he experiences a great deal of stress as he copes with the abrupt change in the world as he knows ........ Read More

Finding Calm When You Are Feeling Stress

There are two types of stressful situations: situations you can’t control, and ones you can at least do something about to improve the situation. First figure out what is causing you to feel agitate........ Read More

The Importance Of Staying Calm On International Flights

Each day, a large number of American citizens hit the sky. While many are only traveling from one state to another, there are some who are traveling from one country to another. If you are one of t........ Read More

Tips To Keep Your Pet Calm During Holiday Celebrations

There's one family member that many people forget about during holiday family gatherings: the pet. With the hustle and bustle of the season, many dogs and cats get overly excited when friends and fam........ Read More

Zen Steps For Calming Down Easily

It’s easy to calm down quickly. No matter what is happening around us, we never have to become trapped in stress or anxiety. It’s important to learn how to calm down quickly this as negative emoti........ Read More

Banks Pump Billions To Calm The Markets

Fed joins global bid to ease credit crisis The Federal Reserve and central banks around the world yesterday took the extraordinary step of pumping more than $100 billion into fin........ Read More

Keep Your Pet Calm In Stormy Weather

Why do some animals seem to know before we do that a storm's coming? One theory is that they can sense changes in barometric pressure. For house pets, as well as animals in the wild, tiny environment........ Read More

Achieve Instant Calm - The Wise Woman Way

For instant calm, Susun Weed suggests one or more of the following simple calming exercises, herbal allies, or movements, and can give you more details on how and why they work:

Stressed and Anxious


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