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Mindfulness For Life

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The six-week mindfulness plan that will change your life.

Take a break from your mind and step into the present moment with Mindfulness for Life.

Mindfulness is more than a set of tools to help manage the stresses of life; it's also about enhancing your overall wellbeing. In Mindfulness for Life, mindfulness teacher Oli Doyle shows you how living in the present moment can help in all areas of your life, including work, relationships, family life, creativity, memory and decision-making. Unlike many mindfulness books, Oli deconstructs the practice into everyday language. The easy-to-follow plan is broken down into six-week segments, with each week focused on a basic mindfulness principle. This book is also accompanied by daily online exercises to help your mind work more effectively and build your confidence.

About the Author

Oli first started practicing mindfulness in 2003, and all he could find were books by the Dalai Lama and other Buddhist writers. Like many do, he found the task of putting those words into practice incredibly difficult, so he set about deconstructing this practice of mindfulness and translating the experience into everyday language. He now teaches mindfulness workshops and is the author of Mindfulness Plain & Simple.

Yoga And Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

RRP $299.99

This book attempts to bridge the considerable gaps that exist between spiritual philosophies and evidence-based medicine and between the psychotherapeutic models of the East and the West. Based on the insights of both the ancient wisdom and modern medicine, this book presents Yogic science not just as a set of physical exercises or religious rituals but as theories about the mind that have bio-psycho-social implications in relation to health and illness.

Drawing on his years of monastic training and his extensive experiential, clinical and research knowledge on the utility of Yoga meditation in standardized and evidence-based medicine protocols, the author describes symptom-specific clinical applications of Yogic/meditative techniques using standardized protocols for the various psychiatric and psychosomatic conditions. In addition, he explains the value of these techniques in reducing stress and improving quality of life in healthy populations. Dr. Pradhan names the proposed integrative model of psychotherapy Yoga and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (Y-MBCT). Unlike other models, Y-MBCT uses Yoga in its entirety (all eight limbs, including meditation) rather than piecemeal. The standardized and evidence-based format of Yoga meditation described in this book will help all aspiring Yoga practitioners and will hopefully also provide the impetus for multicenter research studies on the value of this ancient wisdom.

Mindfulness Instead Of Multitasking - A Pleading For A More Conscious Life

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About the book

We can't multiply our time - we can only use it intensively and at present. This guidebook promotes a careful treatment with oneself and with others. Yet not only that: in a practical way it provides insight into the dangers of multitasking and gives suggestions for a more considerate and livable lifestyle. While you are reading you will have the chance to get onto the matter and to make surprising discoveries. You will get thought-provoking impulses on in which parts you will accomplish more success, life quality and easiness with the help of mindfulness. Whether in the job, family or in a relationship: a lifestyle based on mindfulness is beneficial - especially for yourself.

It goes without saying that this little guide can't entirely fathom the whole aspect of mindfulness in 45 minutes of reading. Thus consider this book a helpful introduction and inspiration for the reader, who feels like knowing more. Some tips and advices may seem familiar to you. Some will certainly be new. Pick up whatever concerns you - or, in the best case, whatever touches you and start to build on that. Let´s get started...

Table of contents "Mindfulness instead of multitasking":

1. Introduction
2. Multitasking as a lifestyle - prospects and problems
2.1 Multitasking - desirable, fascinating, unnecessary or harmful?
2.2 Where does the term "multitasking" derive from?
2.3 Feeling vivacity
2.4 Why is multitasking so dangerous?
2.5 Brain researches confirm: multitasking robs energy
2.6 Self-consciousness and self-esteem diminish
2.7 Parents and educators as multi-taskers
2.8 Partnership, Friendship and Multitasking
2.9 Multitasking and burn-out-syndrome
3. Why does the multitasking trap always close?
3.1 The contribution of the social environment
3.2 We would like to meet everyone's expectations
3.3 The urge for distraction
3.4 Outside control vs. inside control
4. The discovery of mindfulness and awareness
4.1 What does mindfulness mean? - a pleasant reward
4.2 Self-efficacy increases
4.3 Relationship of couples and mindfulness
4.4 Mindfulness and upbringing
4.5 Mindfulness and workplace
4.6 Anecdote about mindfulness
5. How do we cultivate mindfulness and self-awareness?
5.1 Sharpening self-perception.
5.2 Gaining insight, changing behavior
5.3 Visualizing the goal
5.4 Exercises for mindfulness: getting to the here and now
6. Excursion: Enjoyment provides Profoundness, laughing is healthy
7. Summary
8. Appendix, Legal matters and about us

From the series "Madame Missou COMPACT - 45 minutes condensed experience"
Book length: About 45 minutes of reading time, 34 pages


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