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Test Of A Self-centering Ring Dome

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From the Introduction.
The insistent demand of humanity for a commodity does not often long remain unsupplied. Science usually not only meets the demand; but often anticipating a need, proceeds to create a demand. Occasionally, however, she lags behind due to some obstacle which seems unsurmountable.
Then this country wakes up to the enormity of its fire loss (the highest of all of the principal nations), there will doubtless be a demand for a better system of construction. Already in certain quarters there has been an awakening, its demand recognized and fairly well supplied, but in other fields there still remains much to be desired. The mere ability to meet the demand is not always sufficient. It must be so economically met that the application will become general, else the demand will continue. Referring to the before mentioned "better system of construction", which in this case may be interpreted to mean fire-proof construction, we find that in the lighter types of buildings its adoption has not become general, from which we may conclude that the demand has not been met.
It scarcely needs to be mentioned that this system demands incombustible materials. Of these we have but two in general use, namely, burned clay products and concrete, neither of which is suitable for carrying tensile stresses. We must add therefore other material, usually steel, for taking these stresses, and protect it with incombustible materials; or else resist the force by stresses which are consistent with the material. The writer believes that the chief problem today in fire-proof construction is not the protection of structural members so much as the construction of a light and economical floor of incombustible materials. The solution of this problem will involve either a reduction in the amount of the materials now used, or the use of a new and cheaper material. It would seem that, through the chemist and geologist, we should; be so familiar with materials suitable for building operations that relief need not be looked for in the direction of new materials; if so, then we are compelled to adopt the alternative of reducing the amount of those now used. To accomplish this will necessitate a more advantageous use of the materials, for the present working stresses may not be increased with safety.

The New Testament In Context

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This is a comprehensive and essential introductory textbook on the New Testament by an eminent professor in the field."The New Testament in Context" is the fruit of a scholarly life teaching the New Testament to undergraduate students.George Shillington, now Emeritus Professor at Canadian Mennonite University, has written a textbook on the New Testament which stresses the varying social, rhetorical and theological contexts of these twenty-seven texts. He introduces the book by emphasizing the importance of 'context' for reading 'texts'. The discussion then moves onto a description of the socio-rhetorical and theological approach, illustrated by exploring a text from one of Paul's letters. The usefulness of a socio-rhetorical reading is often limited by neglecting to recognize the theological aspect of a text. Shillington's textbook addresses this tendency by never losing sight of the theological dimension. The discussion is then broadened out to explore the larger context of the New Testament world within which the various documents were written.In addition to leading the students into the texture of the texts, Shillington encourages them to engage in interpretation, e.g. for writing an exegetical essay on a given text. The terms of reference are defined along the way, and different schools of thought on given subjects are brought to light. Each chapter concludes with suggestions for further research on the particular material.

Selective Schools & Scholarship English Comprehension Tests

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Excel Test Skills - Selective Schools and Scholarship English Comprehension Tests Years 5-6 is a comprehensive study guide for English Comprehension part of the Selective Schools and Scholarship Tests (usually undertaken in Year 6). The book contains hundreds of multiple choice questions based on a variety of text types – so students can prepare for exams with a minimum of stress and maximum results.

This book is intended to give you the opportunity of doing a variety of questions based on literary and factual texts. The more familiar you are with the material the more confident you will feel - and the better you will do in your tests.

In this book your child will find:

  • an introductory section on the types of questions and resource material used
  • forty-eight individual comprehension tests
  • tips to help them in tests situations
  • a convenient lift-out answer section with explanations

Stress Management Journal

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Lined Writing Journal / Notebook With Attractive Cover

Stress Management Journal is a lined writing journal with 150 pages. Use it as a blank writing journal, school notebook or logbook. It's small and easy to carry around with you wherever you go!

  • 150full-width lined pages (75 sheets)
  • Date field on each page
  • 5.25 x 8 inches
  • 60 pound (90 gsm) white-colored paper
  • Perfect bound matte softcover (10 pt stock)

Ten percent of book sales go towards enabling youth in developing countries to access better educational opportunities. This money is being donated to Build to Learn, an initiative started by The Mindful Word.

Looking for more lined journals to write in or just looking for a different style? Visit our author page to view our vast selection of journals, diaries, notebooks, blank books and more!

Understanding The Language Of The New Testament

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The need for basic knowledge of Koine Greek, the common language of the New Testament, is becoming increasingly important for every student of Scripture. Because of the linguistic challenges of translating from New Testament Greek to English, students of the Bible must be able to understand the tenses, moods, and cultural elements of the spoken language of the time in order to appreciate the true meaning of the text. In his book, Pastor Wilton hopes to give his readers an edge for interpreting Scripture and understanding the deep meanings of biblical words. This beginner's textbook, once completed, will give the student a foundation for translating the entire New Testament from its original language to English.


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Stress Anxiety Divorce Marriage
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Stress Anxiety Divorce Marriage
Counselling Psychotherapy Happier Meditate
Miracle Mindfulness Fatigue Stress Test
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